Selected Works


100 Years, 2016 White
The Copse Parts 2 and 3, 2015
Ode, 2015
Australian War Memorial Commission, 2013 -2015
Four Escapes, 2014
Galaxy Express, 2014
Marcel, Bridget, Tanaka, Ugo and Damien, 2014
Walking the Line, 2013
The Copse Part 1, 2013
After Oppenheim, 2013
Timing (or what is the secret to good comedy), 2013
Truth to Materials, 2012
After Goya, 2012
The Lament, 2011
for the people 1 (Reichstag), 2011
Movements, 2011
The Triumph, 2010
Don't bite the horses mouth where you eat, my friend., 2010
The Folly, 2009
Return to Form: NDINAVIA, 2008
Reflex, 2008
Or Nothing... 2007
STAND UP, 2007
We Wanted Something More, 2007
Top 100, 2007
Samson Push Burden, 2007
Return to Point, 2006
The Pioneer Meets the Wanderer, 2006
Universal Language – alternate reality, 2005
Requiem to the Negativist spectacle, 2005
Murder in the Museum, 2005
Wedge for S/Elective Viewing, 2005
Museum Divides and Confused Encounters, 2004
Portrait of the Artist as a Dead Man, 2004
Proposition (meets the unfathomable – bergwerk 5), 2004
Arbitrary Interrupt, 2003
Ramp for S/Elective Viewing, 2003
Serenading, 2003
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All images © Arlo Mountford - courtesy of the artist